Old North Foundation Needs Groups to Get Program Feedback

The Old North Foundation is looking for groups to participate in a 90-minute activity and discussion to get feedback on their new program. Sacred Seats.

The foundation is embracing the untold stories of congregants to create an educational program for high school students that will go beyond the average lesson plan to highlight the social inequalities people faced in colonial times and relate it to the struggles teens face today.    Teens will use primary source documents from the Old North Church record collection to establish a base understanding of social structure within the church. These documents, along with guiding questions, will facilitate a conversation between teens personal experiences and the colonial experience.

Any and all feedback will be welcomed.

The Foundation is looking for:

High School History Teaches

High School Students

Homeschoolers and other groups

Families with teens

The event will be held on Friday, April 11 and Tuesday April 15 from 3:30pm to 5pm at the Old North Church, 193 Salem St., Boston. For details contact Amy Budge, Education Intern by emailing her at [email protected].

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