No Action Taken on Trash Placement Time Change

The public hearing at Boston City Hall, clearly indicated that North End/Waterfront residents favor a change in the time that household trash can be placed out on the sidewalks.

The change calls for trash to be placed out after 6am on the day of, instead of 5pm on the day before.

A petition, of over 800 residents calling for the change, was submitted to Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, who based on the petition asked for the public hearing, that also included several other neighborhoods.

North End resident Toni Gilardi who circulated the petition testified before the Council Committee explaining why the change needs to be made. She noted that trash would be out on the sidewalks for about 13 hours less time, thus helping to reduce rodent problems and household trash from cluttering the community streets.

The Council Committee took no action on the request at the public hearing.

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