Santa Rosalia Di Palermo Society Elects 2014 Officers

Santa Rosalia di Palermo Society at Sacred Heart Church.

Santa Rosalia di Palermo Society at Sacred Heart Church.

The Santa Rosalia Di Palermo Society elected new officers, including President Danny Puccio, Vice-President Guy Zanelli, Treasurer Lorenzo Puccio and Secretary Tony Puccio. In a ceremony on Sunday morning at Sacred Heart Church, senior member Frank Longo performed the swearing in of the new officers.

“I am very grateful and honored to have been elected president of the Santa Rosalia Society,” said Danny Puccio. “As a child on the Sunday of the procession my mother dressed me up as a cardinal to walk alongside my cousin dressed as St. Rosalia. Now 34 years later I have become president.”

The society enters its 75th year with its mission to honor the tradition of Santa Rosalia. The group also supports good causes in the North End. It is believed that the city of Palermo, Sicily was saved from the Black Plague by the miracles performed by Santa Rosalia.

This year marks the 390 anniversary that Santa Rosalia has been celebrated in Palermo.

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