North End Loud Parties Need to Be Eliminated

The recent Hanover Street loud party incident where three people were arrested on several charges is not the first incident of nasty people urinating from fire escapes and/or rooftops.

There is even one incident of people tossing beer bottles at Boston Police Officers responding to loud parties being conducted by college students and young professionals, for the most part, living in the North End.

Besides the unhealthy and public safety actions taken by these inconsiderate residents and their guests, neighbors have to deal with very loud noise and vulgarity into the early morning hours.

These people or landlords, (mostly absentee landlords) apparently don’t give a damn as these incidents are still occurring on a regular basis with no real end in sight.

It appears that Boston Police are doing everything possible to curtail these unwelcome situations.

A nuisance ordinance is in place to prevent these loud parties and other noisy events from taking place but none the less they continue.

On at least two occasions arrests have been made for assaulting police officers.

Thankfully no one has been seriously injured or worse so far. Hopefully, this doesn’t have to occur before the issue is stopped completely.

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