Three Arrested, One for Assaulting a Police Officer

Three non-North End residents were arrested last Saturday about 12:48am stemming from a loud noise party at 226 Hanover Street.

Boston Police responded to the scene where the suspects were reportedly urinating, throwing beer and lit cigarettes from a fourth-floor fire escape.

According to a District A-1 Police report, “On arrival, officers observed three unknown males screaming and yelling from the fourth floor fire escape on the North End main street. All suspects appeared to be drinking.”

The report stated, “Officers approached the outside fire escape and announced their presence to the three males suspects. One of the men shouted at officers, (expletive) you (expletive).”

Reportedly, a cigarette was thrown by one of the suspects at the officer who was standing underneath the fire escape, while approximately twenty-five people began to gather outside the Hanover Street location.

The report notes, “Officers knocked on the door of the apartment and announced their presence and one of the suspects opened the door and stated to officers…’Who the (expletive) are you guys?’ and refused to allow the officers inside the apartment and assaulted one of the officers.

A second suspect also became combative with officers, both were handcuffed along with the third suspect. “All suspects were observed to be the same males who were on the fire escape”

Reportedly, officers observed a large amount of liquor bottles and empty beer cans in the apartment. They also spoke with witnesses who reported the group of male who were urinating off of the fire escape.

Police arrested Andrew Leighton 20 of Lowell, Kevin Widnizski 20 of Reading and Rakan Alzaydi 23 of Quincy for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. Leighton was also charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

They will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court today November 12.

Two days before the incident at the Boston Police Public Safety meeting, resident told the District A-1 new Commanding Officer Captain James Hasson that “loud noise parties are one of the big problems in the community”.

During the month of October police responded to 18 loud noise party complaints with several arrests being made.

Police said, “These parties involved either college students and/or young professionals.

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