7-11 Construction Site Shut down by ISD


Work stop signage posted at new Hanover Street 7-11.

The City of Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD) for several violations shutdown the construction site of the new 7-11 at 342 Hanover Street.

Construction is taking place at the former site of the White Hen Pantry, for the opening of a second 7-11 on Hanover Street which didn’t fit well with some residents that circulated a petition to stop the second site. Apparently, they didn’t feel there was a need for a second store on the same street.

According to residents work was taking place all hours of the night until ISD shut it down.

The first 7-11 on the other end of Hanover Street across from the U.S. Coast Guard Base has a history of being robbed on numerous occasions, which raised some concerns as well.

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