Cafe Liquor License Amendments Supported

Two applications to amend the existing malt, beer and cordials license at the Waterfront Cafe, 459 Commercial Street were supported by both NEWRA and NEWNC at their last monthly meeting.

The first amendment was to remove the license restriction that requires food to be served with any alcohol.

The second was to increase the business capacity from 49 to 99, consistent with the current operating capacity.

No other changes to the configuration or operation of the establishment are planned according to the owner.

The owner has also agreed to close the windows and doors to lessen the noise coming from the cafe.

Waterfront Cafe is one of many businesses that received a NEWRA Good Neighbor Award for keeping  the sidewalk and curb in front of his place of business clean on a regular basis.

The Cafe closing hour is 1am seven days a week.

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