Surveys Says…: More Police Presence Wanted in the North End

An electronic survey, with close to 300 responses, clearly indicated more police presence is wanted in the North End.

District A-1 Boston Police Sergeant Tom Lema was given the results of the survey at the recent Public Safety meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center which was attended by over 50 residents. A copy was also made available to Commanding Officer Captain Thomas Lee.

The survey, was put together by North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council President Stephen Passacantilli, at the request of fellow members and other residents due to a recent rash of robberies on Hanover Street.

Responding to the survey, Sergeant Lema told residents that “more police presence will be dedicated at hot spots identified” at the Public Safety meeting.

Some of the survey responses were:

•”I live here, Friday and Saturday nights are unbearable.”

•”I would like to feel safe and secure and I want my neighbors to do so as well.”

•”I live in this neighborhood and recently my girlfriend’s car was stolen on Prince Street. I would appreciate more protection in our neighborhood.”

•”We live in the center of the North End and the loud noise and drunken disturbances are disruptive and ridiculous. Plus, there has been a sizeable increase in the problem.”

•”Our neighborhood has always been known for being a safe place to live. I feel that things are changing and not for the better.”

•”I am a young female professional who works late shifts and has to return to my apartment late at night…It’s intimidating when there is no presence on the streets.”

• “We have had a beautiful, safe neighborhood in the past but it has become notably less so in recent years. Sadly, I never see a policeman anywhere in the neighborhood except occasionally in a car. We need foot patrols that are visible.”

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