Greenway Supermarket and Garage Projects Discussed at NEWRA Meeting

NEWRA Representative to the Greenway Conservancy Robyn Reed.

NEWRA Representative to the Greenway Conservancy Robyn Reed.

While there were no voting items on the agenda at last week’s North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) monthly meeting, the Nazzaro Community Center hall was filled to capacity with residents seeking information on three important issues or proposals that impact the neighborhood.

Rose Kennedy Greenway update was presented by NEWRA representative to the Conservancy Robyn Reed. Reed gave a lengthily report on Greenway activities and responded to numerous questions asked by NEWRA members at prior meetings. A completed update will be published in the July 23 issue of the Review.

NEWRA officer David Kubiak, a member of the North End, West End, Beacon Hill Supermarket Committee updated residents on the status of having an affordable supermarket at the One Canal project or somewhere in the area.

Kubiak noted that the issue appears to be ongoing but no positive information regarding a supermarket is available at this time. “There is no lease agreement or any commitment by a chain to build a supermarket or any other retail business,” he said.

Reportedly, the committee is working hard to obtain answers and to secure a supermarket for the three communities.

An extremely long slide show presentation depicting everything related to the potential development of the Government Center Garage Project was given by Thomas O’Brien, President of Hym Investors, Inc. the developer of the project.

O’Brien spoke about a revised plan for the development of the site and answered numerous questions posed by residents.

The new proposal would replace much of the existing 11-story garage between New Sudbury and New Chardon Streets with 771 apartments and condominiums, a 204-bed hotel and 1.3 million square feet of office space.

The project includes a 48-story office tower, 45-story and 24-story apartment building, a 23-story hotel and condominium building, a 9-story office building and a 4-story retail complex. Of the total 2.4 million square feet of new floor space, 85,000 square feet would be for retail and restaurant use. The plan also calls for reconfiguring the MBTA bus terminal.

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