Tigers Win 2013 Playoff Championship

The Tigers, after winning the 2013 North End Athletic Association Divisional Championship, followed up their impressive regular season performance capturing the league’s playoff crown.

“The Tigers looked like the best team in the league right from the start of the season,” NEAA Baseball Commissioner Ralph Martignetti said. “Winning a championship is a great feeling for the players and coaches.”

Coach Dom DiCenso noted, “It was a terrific regular season and playoffs for this team. They played hard and showed a lot of sportsmanship throughout the season.”

NEAA Baseball Coordinator John Romano said, “The Tigers had all the tools to capture both titles and congratulations are in order for a job well done.”

Forziati, Amanda

Toscano, Daniel

D’Ampolo, Valentina

Seaver, Nicholas

Alcott, Robert

DiCenso, Anthony

D’Ampolo, Fortunato

Pagliuca, Richard

Ardolino, Edward

Frechette, Evan

Di Censo, Dominic

Leavitt, Michael

Head Coach Dom DiCenso

Asst Coach Frank DiCenso

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