Memorial Day Weekend Clean-up

The new North End weekend clean-up crew.

The new North End weekend clean-up crew.

The North End is a busy district with all the restaurants, cafes, shops and historical sites but community streets and curbs are usually full of debris.

In an effort to combat this situation, the North End Beautification Committee (NEBC) has developed a twelve-week pilot program that kicked-off on Memorial Day.

The pilot program is sponsored by MSA Mortgage Company and the North End Chamber of Commerce.

Works Inc. and the Boston Public Works will also be a partner to beautify the streets throughout the North End.

“The primary goal of this program is to collect any litter on sidewalks and street curb,” NEBA member Patricia Thiboutot. said. “Cleaning and wiping down the Big Belly Trash containers will also occur.”

NEBC has hired two people to kick-off the pilot program which will take place four hours on Saturday and Sundays.

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