Master Plan Needed to Address Open Spaces Issues

Just like every other neighborhood throughout the City, the North End/Waterfront is in dire need of some major renovations to its parks, playgrounds and other public open spaces.

The situation at DeFilippo Playground (Gassy) on Prince Street is not a very good one. The three levels are a disgrace. They are continuously used as a toilet for dogs. It’s so unbearable that a RUFF clean-up crew walked away holding their noses.

Paul Revere Mall (Prado) a major route for tourist and a social place for residents needs serious consideration for a major rehabilitation plan.

Rachael Revere Park in North Square should also be considered for some repairs. The park is located across the street from Paul Revere House.

The North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association Parks and Open Spaces Committee is working with the City and elected officials to attempt to have these necessary repairs become a reality.

The committee’s suggestion to develop a long-term master plan to tackle these needs is right on target.

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