Treat the North End Like Your Neighborhood

The warmer weather is finally here and not a moment too soon.

People are now enjoying the various parks in the North End and especially the Greenway.

Thousands of visitors are expected to visit, the North End to shop, dine and go to the many historical sites the neighborhood has to offer.

North End residents have always welcomed those who wish to visit the community, however, they would like to have some peace and tranquility during the late night and early morning time period.

In addition, North Enders don’t want to wake up with trash all over the community and having their door steps used as toilets.

There is no question that these type of nasty activities will not go away permanently but it has to be cut down considerably.

Loud noise parties, rowdy streets and destruction of property needs to be curbed.

Not all of the above stems from outsiders, local residents play a part in these situations as well.

Residents need to pick-up the phone immediately and call 911 when they spot a problem. Remember to provide police with as much information as possible when calling in a complaint.

There is no question that the North End/Waterfront will be a very busy place over the next few months. However, visitors need to treat the community like they would their own neighborhood. This will certainly help eliminate most of the problems.

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