Local Elected Officials Support Parcel 9 Proposal

All three elected officials that represent the North End have sent letter to MassDOT supporting plans by Cresset Group and DeNormandie Companies for the development of Parcel 9 in the Blackstone District.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, State Senator Anthony Petruccelli and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz for several reasons believe the Cresset Group and DeNormandie Companies proposal is the right plan for the site.

The other proposal was submitted by Normandy Real Estate Partners.

MassDOT will eventually make the final decision and select a developer for Parcel 9.

The company supported by these elected officials would create a new market building that will contain a group level market which they claim will complement the Haymarket and the Public Market in goods and pricepoint, destination and casual restaurants, a community/function room, green roof and 70 rental residential retail units.

Normandy Real Estate Partners LLC’s proposal includes a 1-2 story building starting at the corner of Hanover Street and runs the majority of the length facing the Greenway with a Market Hall experience anchoring The Market District.

Plans include a 180 room hotel on North Street with a public gathering place for people that visit the Market District.

Community uses will be on the second floor including a meeting room and indoor pool and fitness center.

Currently there is no official word from the Parcel 7-9 Community Advisory Committee, the Greenway Conservancy, the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association and North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council of who they support.

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