New Streets Added to Street Cleaning Program

Mechanical Street Cleaning in the North End may begin this week as the Boston Public Works Department is undergoing a street condition survey based on the snow left on the streets.

This year, new streets will be posted for sweeping including:

•              Battery Street, from Hanover to Endicott Thursdays 8am-12pm.

•              Clark Street, from Hanover to Commercial Thursdays 8am-12pm.

•              Cross Street, from North Washington to Atlantic Tuesdays 12pm-4pm.

•              Garden Court, from North Square to Fleet Tuesdays 12pm-4pm.

•              Moon Street, from North Square to Fleet Tuesdays 12pm-4pm.

•              Stillman Street, from Salem to Endicott Tuesdays 12pm-4pm.

The program and enforcement for these added streets will begin on April 1. Signs will be posted

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