Police to Pursue Charges Against Suffolk Student

Dominique Demar

Dominique Demar

Boston Police District A-1 Commanding Officer Captain Thomas Lee told North End residents at a Public Safety meeting that the City plans to move forward with the assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest that took place at 28 Fleet Street during a reported loud party.

The Fleet Street property has been the site of numerous loud party complaints that police have responded to in the past.

The newly enacted City Nuisance Ordinance filed by Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina allows police to fine the landlord, who in turn can evict the tenants involved.

On Sunday, February 24 about 12:30am officers received a complaint call regarding a loud party in the area of 28 Fleet Street from Suffolk University’s loud party phone line.

Loud noise could be heard by officers coming from the building when they got to the scene, they eventually made their way to the noise producing apartment, according to police documents.

Officers announced their presence and began knocking on the door with no response for approximately twenty minutes. When the door was suddenly opened by the female suspect yelling an obscenity at the officers before she slammed the door shut on an officer’s shoulder.

She then attempted to flee the apartment reportedly saying “I’s out of here, I’m a proud American.”

After a brief struggle, officers were able to subdue and apprehend the suspect, a 21 year old Suffolk University student, Dominique Demar, who wanted police to know her mother was an attorney.

Approximately twenty-five individuals were located by police, some of them were hiding in the apartment.

Reportedly, party-goers informed police that the suspect instructed them to shut the lights off and not to open the door. They also claimed that the suspect physically blocked the door so no one could leave the apartment.

The North End community has had its share of loud noise parties, especially in warm weather conditions when roof tops are used for partying.

Police have responded to many of these quality of life situations over the past several years with reasonable success in dispersing the party-goers and making several arrests.

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