North End Crime Statistics Continues to Drop

Once again the crime statistics have decreased in the North End according to a report issued by District A-1 Boston Police.

Actually, during the first quarter, the district’s crime rate dropped 33%, the best numbers recorded in any other districts throughout the City, according to Commanding Officer Captain Thomas Lee.

Representative Aaron Michlewitz at last week’s Public Safety meeting held at the Nazzaro Community Center praised Captain Lee and his command for the outstanding job they have done in reducing crime in the community.

The Captain in turn thanked Michlewitz for his behind the scene work he does with the police, especially on quality of life that is the biggest problem facing the North End.

Statistics provided at the community meeting also indicated a significant reduction in crime during the past 30 days.

No homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, larceny from a motor vehicle or community disorder situations where reported.

The only categories that increased were aggravated assault which went from 1 to 2 and graffiti that rose from 0 to 1.

Breaking and entering was level at 2, auto theft dropped from 2 to 1, towed vehicles went from 5 to 4 and larceny dropped from 8 to 1.

Four arrest were made during the 30 day period, one drug related, 1 disorderly and 2 breaking and entering.

In addition over the 30 day period police issued 106 motor vehicle violations and handed out 264 parking citations.

Responding to the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Captain Lee told residents that the police force will be tripled and he will also be in the area to avoid the mayhem that occurred last year.

One resident told police that a person parked his car on the sidewalk blocking her doorway. She said she called 911 several times but there was no response and when the person finally showed up she asked him why did he park like that. He reportedly said he had no other place to park.

To add to the situation his car wouldn’t start and he had to get some friends to get the car started. In the meantime the group was giving her the finger and were loud.

Another resident told police her family was walking down a street where many people were blocking the sidewalk. When asked to move they reportedly told them to walk in the street.

Police also discussed the arrest of a 21 year old Suffolk University student at a loud party at 28 Fleet Street, the site of several other calls in the past.

Dominque Demar of Colchester, CT was arrested and charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (door) and resisting arrest.

The tenants of the apartment have been reportedly evicted by the landlord.

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