RUFF is Wagging the Tail

RUFF (Responsible Urbanites For Fido) has become a viable North End community volunteer organization that is getting things accomplished in the neighborhood.

In less than a year, RUFF has established itself as a community group that takes their responsibilities as dog owners seriously.

The group has organized monthly Sunday morning parks and playgrounds clean-ups.

RUFF is committed to make other neighborhood dog owners aware of their responsibilities as residents.

Members are continuously placing signs and speaking to other dog owners of the rules and regulations of picking up after pets and staying away from parks, playgrounds, tot lots and other public access places when walking their dogs.

There has been a noticeable difference in the community since RUFF has stepped to the plate. RUFF has held several events and activities on their own and have participated in numerous community meetings and endeavors.

RUFF is wagging the tail, not the dog and has been quite successful as a neighborhood force.

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