Mother and Daughter Clean Deplorable Trash Situation

Janet Gilardi cleaning up.

Janet Gilardi cleaning up.

Fulton Street resident Janet Gilardi has “continuously” complained about the condition of Archway Street, which abuts her back yard, always being full of trash.

“The City does not take charge in any way to help clean-up the area,” Gilardi said. “I’ve called Commissioner Glascock’s office and his staff finally took away a large recycle container that was full of people’s garbage, that was overflowing.”

“Bad enough people used to only smoke in the area, now they eat there, sometimes barbecuing,” she noted. “It’s a fire hazard.”

Gilardi said, “The area contained broken whiskey bottles, cigarette butts, used charcoal and enough leaves to start a huge fire, you name it, it was there.”

Janet and her daughter Toni Marie were so upset about the lack of response to the situation, they decided to go out on a Saturday with rubber gloves, holding their noses and completed the clean-up job themselves.

“With property taxes as high as they are, it shouldn’t have come to this,” the life-long North End resident said.

They picked up six full bags of trash, placed them out on a trash day and the City collected them.

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