Salem Street Proposals on Hold

Two Salem Street proposals have been placed on hold until the applicants can present their plans to the community.

Reportedly, both sets of plans are being revised and will be discussed at a future North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) and North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting.

NEWNC has already opposed one of the requests calling for a second floor addition at 78-80 Salem Street submitted by the owner Chris Young.

The other request, a potential five-story development at 92-96 Salem Street has been taken off NEWRA and NEWNC agendas at the request of the owner Nicholas D’Amore.

Many residents have reportedly expressed their opposition to these proposals for many reasons including noise, parking and lack of notification.

D’Amore’s plans call for the removal of the one-story structure at 3 Wiget Street and the construction of a five-story building extension to the back of 92-96 Salem Street. This would change the legal occupancy of 92-96 Salem Street from two-stories (The Wild Duck) and six apartments to two stores and eleven apartments.

“Several residents of nearby buildings have raised concerns that the addition will have a negative impact to sight lines, light and air and that current property management is lax,” according to David Kubiak co-chair of NEWRA Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee.

“The building owner withdrew his appeal with the Zoning Board pending plan changes,” Kubiak noted. “The owner will need to file a new appeal to move the project forward,” he added.

Chris Young, owner of 78-80 Salem Street has withdrawn his plans to create a second floor for restaurant extension pending plan changes.

The proposal for Trattoria Pulcinella to move to a new second floor also needs an amendment for the existing malt, wine and cordials license to increase seating capacity.

“The owner intends to make a deferral at his January 8 Board of Appeal hearing as he makes changes to the building plans in response to community concerns,” according to Kubiak. “No specific information has yet been provided on the scope of the changes,” he added.

“The ZLC Committee is concerned about the impacts of a second floor restaurant operation in an area where the City’s Zoning Code forbids restaurant use above the first floor,” Kubiak added.

The North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council at its November 15 monthly meeting voted to oppose the plan for basically the same reasons, plus the possible creation of a roof deck.

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