RUFF Sets Membership and Activity Goals

RUFF member Michelle Berardinelli.

RUFF member Michelle Berardinelli.

Many new goals are being established by RUFF for the upcoming months and the community group is seeking new members and current members to participate in future events, programs and fundraisers.

Next month’s (January) meeting will be an important month as RUFF is hoping to have members volunteer for several committee positions, according to President Leslie Horn.

RUFF’s recent fundraiser at the Fairmont Battery Wharf was a success netting about $1,000. The funds are being used to pay for the group becoming a non-profit agency. “We’re almost there,” Horn noted. “Final approval from the IRS is needed and that is expected shortly.”

The group has established a Facebook site: and invites everyone to visit or submit information to the new site.

RUFF is still meeting with MassDOT and the City of Boston Parks Department to hopefully establish one or two dog parks within the neighborhood. They expect to have some answers by January or February.

Last Sunday, (Dec. 16) RUFF held its annual parks and playgrounds clean-up with many members participating.

RUFF has also started a Rewards Program and hopes to expand on it as soon as possible. RUFF will receive part of the proceeds. Check Facebook for more details.

Members of RUFF have been attending neighborhood committee meetings presenting updates on their program to work with local dog owners to become responsible pet owners. They are consistently placing signs and passing out flyers advising canine owners about their duties and responsibilities as community residents.

“Give Back to the Community” is one of RUFF’s goals,” Horn noted. “We are currently working with the North End Senior Home and the Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital to visit seniors and rehab patients with our pets.”

Horn said, “The seniors will enjoy the visits and the dogs will love the attention.” All the pets are registered and had all their necessary shots.

The next RUFF meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 15 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center. All residents are welcome to attend.

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