Community Group Opposes Endicott Street Roof Deck

NEWRA at its monthly meeting discussed and voted on two requests involving the construction of a roof deck and the addition of a second floor for restaurant space.

The association opposed, by a vote of 7-18 vote, a request by Jose Faria for zoning relief to construct a roof deck for private use for the top floor at 93 Endicott Street. Faria advised and apparently received support of all the abutters.

A proposal by Chris Young for zoning relief to construct a second floor addition to the existing one-story building 70-80 Salem Street and to expand the first floor restaurant “Trattoria Pulcinella” into the new second floor addition was taken off the agenda in order for the applicant to revise his plans. The plans also call for increasing the seating capacity from 34 to 66.

Guest speaker John Romano of MassDOT advised residents that the state agency plans to move the Registry of Motor Vehicles into the second and third floors of the long-empty building at Parcel 7 adjacent to the new Haymarket Garage and T Station.

The third and fourth floors will eventually be used for MassDOT officers.

Romano noted that 99 percent of the necessary work will be interior and will have no impact on traffic in or around the community.

The project cost is estimated at $12 million.

NEWRA nominated Robyn Reed of Battery Street to be their representative to serve on the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Board of Directors.

As required by NEWRA by-laws, the election of A sergeant of Arms public notice was given.

NEWRA will hold an election to fill the empty seat at its January 2013 monthly meeting. Members can nominate a person at the meeting or email to [email protected].

Committee reports included: membership, Parks and Open Spaces and Zoning, Licensing and Construction.

Discussions and a vote was taken on NEWRA policy concerning videotaping or audio taping of NEWRA regular meetings (Does not affect committee meetings).

The association supported (22-2) the following proposed policy: “Videotaping or audio taping of NEWRA regular monthly meetings may be allowed under the following conditions: 1) permission to tape is requested in advance of the meeting date and approved by the Executive Committee, and 2) the members are given notice at the beginning of the meeting that it will be taped.”

The next NEWRA monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, January 10 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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