Council Denies Second Floor Restaurant Addition

Atty William Ferullo

It was a busy evening at the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting as several requests were discussed and voted on and two information presentations were presented. John Romano of MassDOT and Jeff MacLean the Location Manager for a TV pilot explained what will be happening in the community relating to their agencies. Romano advised the Council that the public agency plans to move the Registry of Motor Vehicles from Washington Street in Chinatown into the second and third floors of Parcel 7. Interior construction will take about a year and no impact is expected to the neighborhood. “MassDOT will be encouraging employees and those who use the Registry to take public transportation and park in the nearby lots or walk to the building,” Romano said. MacLean, Location Manager for a TV Pilot titled “Terminales” will be filmed in the North End’s North Square, Prince, Richmond and Hanover Streets on December 5 from 4pm-11:30pm and December 6 from 7am-5pm.

Flyers will be distributed throughout the neighborhood. Some parking spaces will be taken with alternative parking made available. Directional signage will be posted. Police details will be secured and the City of Boston will oversee the filming and issue permits.

If the pilot results in a series, filming will continue to take place in Boston.

Ryan Kenny, chairperson of NEWNC Parking and Traffic Committee reported that sign changes, that would allow residents to park in two-hour limit parking spaces for as long as they want, should be in place by the end of December. He noted that “No changes will take place on Hanover or Salem Streets.”

President Stephen Passacantilli announced that John Pregmon has been nominated to represent NEWNC on the Conservancy Board. The Conservancy will make the final decision.

Passacantilli also reported that Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina’s Noise Ordinance is still in the Council’s Government Operations Committee. Apparently, there is some issue to resolve, one of them being who should issue the fines, Boston Police or the Inspectional Services Department.

A request by the owner of 78-80 Salem Street seeking zoning relief to add a second floor addition for Pulcinella Mozzarella Bar & Ristorante was denied by the Council 4-5.

Massimo Tiberi’s request to purchase Marco Restaurant at 253 Hanover Street was supported by the Council 9-0. There will be no changes to the operating hours, the capacity or seating. It is mainly a corporation swap between Aria Trattoria LLC and Spaghetti and Meatball Inc.

Nigel Jacobs plans to enclose the existing roof of a single family for use as a bedroom and bathroom at 5 Tileston Street was supported by the Council 9-0. Also part of the plan is to extend a stairway to allow access to a new roof deck.

A request by Nick D’Amore to demolish an existing one-story rear yard structure and to construct a five-story addition to the building was taken off the agenda. The owner plans to withdraw the proposal at the Board of Appeal to discuss in detail his plans with abutters and other residents. D’Amore plans to take his proposal to NEWRA and NEWNC once he has met with the community.

The next NEWNC monthly meeting will be held on Monday, December 10 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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