NE Voters Helped the Democrats Win

The North End was no different than the rest of the city and came out big for President Barack Obama and helped hand him the state’s 11 Electoral votes on his road to reelection last Tuesday against former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Sixty-three percent of North End voters supported Obama over Romney during the state’s general election. The Romney campaign, despite being a neighbor in the North End with the candidate’s national headquarters located at 585 Commercial St., was unable to mobilize any sort of meaningful vote here or throughout Boston.

By the end of election night Obama gained 4,834 votes in the North End to Romney’s 2,858. Obama’s biggest margin of victory came from Precinct 6 were he crushed Romney by 703 votes.

Citywide Obama’s margin of victory was wider than here in the North End. Obama received 79 percent of the vote to Romney’s 19 percent or 197,382 votes to 48,274 votes.

The result for other Democrats in the North End during last Tuesday’s state election was no different than the presidential race. North Enders helped U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren unseat incumbent Senator Scott Brown. Brown, a rising star in the Republican Party, lost the statewide race last week.

Here in the North End, voters were divided and the race was a lot closer than the presidential race. In the end, Warren received 53 percent of the vote to Brown’s 47 percent. Brown was a regular fixture in the North End during the campaign season and gained a lot of support among Democrats here.

In the final vote Brown got 3,666 but Warren, who also spent a lot of time campaigning here, received 4,147 among North End voters. The final vote in the Warren-Brown race showed that most North End Democrats voted the candidate and not overwhelmingly for the party in last week’s election.

Again, Precinct 6 was a big factor for the Democrats and Warren beat Brown there by 337 votes.

Citywide was a different story and Warren won convincingly with 74 percent of the vote to Brown’s 26 percent.

In local races, State Representative Aaron Michlewitz ran unopposed and topped the ticket in the North End with 5,979 votes. Michlewitz received 6,795 votes outside the North End for a total of 12,774 in the district.

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli destroyed Republican challenger Tom Dooley in the North End and throughout the rest of his district. Here Petruccelli’s vote total was second only to Michlewitz where he received 4,965 votes and beat Dooley 63 percent to 37 percent. It was a landslide for Petruccelli in the rest of the district where he beat Dooley 82 percent to 18 percent and received 44,155 votes district-wide.

U.S. Congressman Stephen Lynch, who took over the North End from Congressman Capuano during redistricting, beat challenger Joseph Selvaggi. Lynch received 4,932 votes in the North End to Selvaggi’s 2,200 votes. Citywide Lynch got 53,968 (82%) votes while Selvaggi only received 10,817 (16%) votes.

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