Local Mom, Nazzaro Center Team Up for Charity

The Bake Sale team (l to r) Roseann Romano, Laurie D’Elia, Jordyn Amoroso, Josephine Lepore, Ralph Indrisano, Flora Matarazzo and team leader Maria Shea

North End resident and Nazzaro mother Maria Shea teamed up with the Nazzaro Center to raise $2,000 for the Red Sox Foundation, the entity set up by the baseball team which supports, amongst other things, the Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Institute. Ms Shea signed on as one member of the Red Sox team which will be running the Boston Marathon in April for the foundation’s charity and part of that commitment was to raise $3,000.  Thanks to a bake sale held at the Nazzaro Center on Election Day, she has already reached two thirds of that goal.   Such an accomplishment was only possible though through the charity and volunteer efforts of friends and businesses, who either donated baked goods, volunteered their time over the 14 hour day-long event or both.

“I am overwhelmed by the support I got from the community”, Maria said.  Particularly from all the bakeries and other businesses that couldn’t have been more selfless when asked for a donation.”  Maria would like to thank Parziale’s Bakery, Bova’s Bakery, Mike’s Pastry, Modern Pastry, Maria’s Pastry, Lulu’s Pastry, Boston Commonwealth Coffee, Starbucks Coffee and Regina Pizza.  And for making sure the tables were manned the full 14 hours of the event, Jordyn Amoroso, Roseann Romano, Laurie D’Elia, Patricia Romano and Josephine Lepore.

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