Working Sessions to Be Held on Noise Ordinance

Responding to his constituents concerns regarding loud noise parties and disorderly groups in the North End, Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina has filed an Ordinance relating to noise control in the City of Boston.

North End/Waterfront residents have been complaining for a long time about the loud parties in apartments and rooftops that continue into the early hours of the morning and they want landlords to be fined and the party-goers arrested and/or dispersed.

The other major noise problem stems from people coming into the North End once other outside establishments close creating a major disturbance with loud noise, urinating in doorways and on the sidewalks and streets.

Residents also claim these same people are creating damage to vehicles and other properties.

A hearing was held last Thursday at City Hall where about two dozen North End/Waterfront residents attended with some of them testifying, according to Stephen Passacantilli of Councilor LaMattina’s Office.

The City Council on Government Operations decided to conduct a Working Session with Boston Police and Inspection Services to amend the measure to enhance procedures and ensure payment. Something like the Green Ticket Bill.

“The Working Session will be open to the public,” Passacantilli said.

Once the committee makes a final decision, the ordinance will go before the full Council for a vote. If enacted by the Council, the bill will be sent to the Mayor for his signature.

“The goal of the ordinance is to create an ongoing dialogue between Boston Police, City agencies, property owners, tenants and when necessary educational institutions,” Councilor LaMattina said. “The measure addresses the harm and disturbances created by unruly gatherings in the city neighborhoods.”

This ordinance does not prevent social gatherings nor does it discriminate against students and responsible absentee landlords. Under the proposal, penalties may be assessed to the persons involved for a first violation; and , for the second and subsequent violations, the persons involved as well as the property owners will also be fined if the second violation occurred within the year and the property owner received sufficient notice of the first violation. The fine imposed for the first violation shall be $100.00 (one-hundred dollars) and for the second and subsequent violation, the penalty shall be $300.00 (three-hundred dollars).

Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Senator Anthony Petruccelli both support the city ordinance.

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