Residents Express Concerns Regarding Community Disturbances

Shown (l to r) Boston Police Captain Thomas Lee, Sergeant Tom Lema and Officer Ted Boyle.

The September monthly North End Public Safety meeting with District A-1 Boston Police was cancelled due the primary election, the Nazzaro Community Center was the polling site.

The cancellation left a sixty day gap in the reporting of crime statistics and an opportunity for residents to express their opinions, make suggestions and pick-up first hand information from police.

A large contingency of residents did turnout for the October monthly meeting held last Thursday evening at the Center. They advised District Commanding Captain Thomas Lee, Sergeant Tom Lema and Officer Ted Boyle of hot spots in the neighborhood where drinking is taking place, drugs are being used and sold and numerous areas where loud disturbances are taking place.

Residents expressed their disappointment in the continuance of the same incidents taking place every day in their neighborhood. They told police that the loud noise parties and street disturbances are created on a regular basis.

Another case of people urinating off a roof of a building and the use of doorways and public places as toilets was conveyed to police.

Captain Lee told residents that police are making arrests, breaking up loud parties and dispersing rowdy people off the streets after 12am. Police details and overtime officers are patrolling the community on a regular basis, especially on weekends, according to Capt. Lee.

In addition a Suffolk University representative rides around the community on weekends to deal with any potential problems from students that attend the school. Suffolk also pays for the weekend details.

Residents voiced their appreciation for the police response to 911 calls but want things taken to another level, like more arrests, fines of landlords and more police presence on the streets.

Capt. Lee also advised residents that the police have approached some businesses and asked that they close their doors earlier than they have been.

People are coming into the North End from the Waterfront and Faneuil Hall area after the businesses close, according to several residents.

While there is a paid detail at Bova’s Bakery, residents claimed it’s still a major problem with noise, trash and vulgarity. The bakery pays for the police detail several days a week.

The Captain told residents that his officers will follow up on all the concerns mentioned at the meeting. He once again encouraged residents to call 911 when any problem occurs and be prepared to provide as much information as possible.

Police reported there were 160 reported crimes in 2012 compared to 189 in 2011.

A crime statistic comparison (last 30 days) shown sexual assaults were up 2, robberies were up 1, breaking and entering were up 1, larceny remained the same at 6, there were no homicides, 1 robbery, aggravated assaults were down 4, auto theft was down 2, larceny from a motor vehicle was down 16 and community disorder remained even at none.

Police towed 6 vehicles, gave out 137 parking citations and issued 121 motor vehicle violations.

The next Public Safety meeting will be held on Thursday, November 1 at 6:30pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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