Noise Ordinance Public Hearing to Be Set

It appears that the Boston City Council Government Committee is planning to hold a public hearing in late September or early October regarding the public nuisance ordinance filed by Councilor Sal LaMattina at the request of his North End/Waterfront constituents.

The bill targets loud noise parties and late night/early morning disturbances stemming from people exiting bars, restaurants, lounges and other gatherings that create noise problems.

For the longest time, North End/Waterfront residents and community groups have expressed their frustrations with loud parties and disturbances that affect their lifestyle, create damage and having their neighborhood used as toilets.

“The noise ordinance targets unruly gatherings within private properties,” according to Councilor Sal LaMattina who filed the ordinance. “It also classifies them as public nuisances.”

Stephen Passacantilli of LaMattina’s staff noted, “The proposed regulation is not intended to interfere with typical social parties.” He added, “An offense is defined as excessive noise and/or behavior that causes a substantial disturbance of the quiet enjoyment of private or public property in a neighborhood.”

Boston Police and local officials will be empowered to issue a warning notice for the first incident. A second incident within a year would be subject to a $100 civil fine to the persons involved and the property owner. Subsequent incidents within a year would see a fine of $300.

While residents have preached levying fines of up to $1,000 the law limits the fine to $300.

Councilor LaMattina encourages residents to attend the public hearing and voice their support for the ordinance.

“The ordinance cannot go forward without a public hearing and support from Boston residents,” LaMattina said.

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