Rat Poison Ingested by Local Dogs

An incident occurred recently when local dogs ate some rat poison that was loosely left out on Greenough Lane.

Both dogs consumed a fair amount of the blue colored rat poison and ended up at the Angel Memorial Hospital where they were treated and released.

Team members of RUFF (Responsible Urbanites For Fido) all North End residents, who own canines were visiting the park for their second annual volunteer parks clean-up when they noticed the poison in the areas where the dogs unfortunately consumed the rat poison.

A member of RUFF followed up with a call to Boston Police on the Sunday of the incident of the clean-up drive and they placed a call to Dog Control for the City of Boston the following Monday.

The caller claimed police seemed uninterested about her concern was that another dog or cat will eat it, or a child might do the same.

The incident was reported to City Hall, through Neighborhood Services Liaison Nicole Leo and the Park Department.

RUFF sent out a warning to all dog owners and parents, via their email listings, about the incident.

Reportedly, North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association President Stephanie Hogue did the same using their email listing.

Rat poison is bright blue and looks like rock candy.

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