Dello Russo campaigning hard for Clerk of Courts

Robert Dello Russo

The North End’s Robert ‘Bobby’ Dello Russo, a retired former longtime clerk of the superior court, has been campaigning hard throughout Suffolk County for the Clerk of Court position against his former boss, Clerk of Courts Maura Hennigan.

“I am working hard. I am bringing a message of hope. My effort is intended to return the position to its rightful place and restore the dignity and integrity of the office to the people of Suffolk County,” Dello Russo said during a campaign stop at the Regional Review offices Monday morning.

Dello Russo said he will be a fulltime clerk and joked that he would be the clerk that works.

Dello Russo is 63. He worked under John Nucci for many years and then under the present clerk Maura Hennigan for about 5 years.

“I am the best suited for this job, the position needs some work,” he added.

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