Shooting Near Greenway Still Under Investigation

Boston Police continue to investigate the shooting death of a man in the Waterfront area near the Boston Harbor Hotel and the New England Aquarium.

Shots took place near the Greenway. The victim was taken to Tufts Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

After police responded to a report of shots fired, they questioned at least one person who they said may have been involved in the incident but no arrest was made.

Reportedly two men began firing at each other in a parking lot. Allegedly they were coming from some event on Rowes Wharf.

“The non-injured man had a license to carry and remained on the scene until police arrived. “He is cooperating with the police,” Sgt. Lema said. “He’s claiming self defense.”

He added, “At this time the incident is still under investigation.”

Several shots were filed and potential witnesses are being questioned.

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