No Concrete Decision on Parcel 9 Development

It’s been sometime since four proposals have been submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for the potential development of the Central Artery Parcel 9.

There has been no recent news regarding MassDOT making any concrete decision on a developer selection for the land located between the North End Parcel 10 and the section of Blackstone Street used by the Haymarket Pushcart Association vendors.

Proposals being reviewed for the vacant land include a 50-unit apartment building with large restaurants, a 119 unit apartment building with a market and smaller cafes and restaurants, a hotel with the first floor retail and the Boston Museum.

All four proposals were made public at neighborhood meetings organized by MassDOT. Based on these community meetings North End representatives from NEWRA and NEWNC sent a joint letter to MassDOT identifying the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each proposal from a community benefit and impact perspective according to NEWRA Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee co-chair David Kubiak.

The Haymarket Pushcart Association has been in contact with MassDOT protecting their vested interest.

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