Delivery Schedules Must Be Timed Properly

There are very few things more aggravating to residents and business owners on Hanover Street than deliveries made by trucks off-loading goods after 12:00 p.m.

And it isn’t just Hanover Street. It is Salem Street and a half dozen streets where restaurants need to be resupplied by their vendors.

The trucks making such deliveries are noisy, they spew spent diesel fuel into the air, and they take up valuable space in what is perhaps one of the most densely populated neighborhood’s of the city.

According to Frank DePasquale, the President of the North End Chamber of Commerce, deliveries after noon in the North End are ill-advised and not wanted.

To this end, DePaquale has recently sent out a letter to all North End merchants asking them to remind their vendors to make deliveries before noon and to definitely refrain from making deliveries after that time.

“I am hoping this effort by the Chamber of Commerce to stop deliveries after noon will be heeded. Deliveries late into the afternoon are regressive for the North End and do not aid in maintaining quality of life,” he said.

Recent public debate among residents showed an animus toward late afternoon deliveries.

“The people speak and naturally, we listen and then we act,”
said DePasquale.

Most vendors have already received their letters and according to DePasquale, many have already made certain to contact their vendors and ask for earlier deliveries in order to improve the quality of life.

“We will do whatever is necessary to make this situation right,” he said.

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