Thank you, Sal

The North End’s Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina has been earning big points lately with a variety of initiatives that impact the residents of this neighborhood and the other neighborhoods he represents.

Earlier this week the Boston Globe’s lead editorial praised LaMattina for his efforts to rid the city of unsightly satellite dishes saying more or less that they can be present but that they should be unseen.

The North End already has appropriate rules pertaining to the fitting of satellite dishes. For the most part, they appear on rooftops here.

In East Boston, which LaMattina also represents, they appear on the front of buildings, virtually ruining aesthetics on entire streets for as far as the eye can see.

Our hats off to LaMattina.

He has come to call them as he sees them – and he does this without long and wearying bureaucratic style consultations.

Last week, for instance, LaMattina was asked about the huge wind turbine in Charlestown that has been put out of commission because its foundation is sinking.

Without hesitation, LaMattina replied to a Herald reporter that he was in favor of wind turbines and all things Green.

That’s what a real leader does and LaMattina is becoming a real leader.

Thank you, Sal. Keep up the good work.

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