Hanover Street Design Project to Take Place

Northeastern University Senior Civil Engineering students are working on a Capstone Design Project, a required course for seniors, which is a culmination of their academic and co-operative experience.

For their project the seniors have chosen Hanover Street, which includes evaluating, analyzing and re-designing the street to satisfy the needs of all potential users while complementing the existing land uses.

Each student is working as part of a design team on a real world project in Massachusetts.

The team “Essential Engineering” comprises of six engineers who have demonstrated their work ethic, aptitude and creativity during their time at Northeastern University, whether in academic or in the professional realm.

Competent in the fields of construction management, traffic and highway engineering, and international design and project development, the six member team has demonstrated through experience its ability to reinforce their self-imposed motto of sustainability, responsibility and innovation.

The team will be considering ideas that have been previously vetted for the main North End Street. They will also be using unconventional methods to complement the past, current and future needs of the area, both from an economic standpoint, as well as a transportation infrastructure perspective.

In order to deliver successful project it is imperative that Essential Engineering inform the design process by soliciting input from officials, residents and business owners.

The team would greatly appreciate input or feedback that may be provided.

This is a non-bidding project. The results will be shared with City officials, the business community and North End/Waterfront residents.

The project has not been commissioned by any group or City municipality.

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