Businesses Call for Extended T Hours

Boston bars and restaurants are calling for late-night weekend T schedules to beef-up business. They believe businesses are missing out on millions of dollars worth of customer spending when the T shuts down at midnight on weekends.

Lawmakers are reportedly being pushed to extend subway service to 2am with the idea of the extended hours bringing in revenue, curb crime and discourage drunk driving.

They claim the 2am closure will also benefit the student population, the developing seaport district and a possible Casino at Suffolk Downs. The group wants to stage a trial run sometime in 2012.

Due to a cost cutting move in 2005, the T shut down a similar program called Night Owl Service where the T shut down at 2:30am.

The idea does not mention conducting community meetings to obtain residential opinions on the change.

Some neighborhoods, especially the North End, already have residents up in arms about late-night and early morning loud noise and having their streets, sidewalks and doorways used as toilets by local business customers.

The community is also impacted by TD Bank events.

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