SHINE Offers Assistance with Senior Drug Plan

North End/Waterfront seniors should call ABCD’s “SHINE” Program for free counseling about their Medicare drug plan choices before the Federal Program, deadline for coverage ends on December 7.

ABCD “SHINE” recommends seniors get medication coverage and save hundreds of dollars this year.

Reportedly, one senior who called “SHINE” was paying $800 a month for his medication, almost as much as his monthly income from Social Security. After meeting with the ABCD “SHINE” counselor and getting the right Medicare drug plan, he is now paying less than $20 a month.

ABCD “SHINE” (Serving the Health Information Needs of Elders) provides free health insurance information, counseling and assistance to Massachusetts residents with Medicare and their caregivers. Call “SHINE” at 617-348-6226.

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