Police Apprehend Vehicle Break-in Thief

Several cars were broken into in the North End on Saturday morning including these two on Endicott Street which had their driver’s side windows broken. Reportedly police have made an arrest.

Early Saturday morning November 19 at approximately 4:30am Boston Police responded to a call-in report of someone breaking into cars on Endicott Street by smashing in the driver’s side windows.

A local resident told police he witnessed the individual in the act and provided police a brief narrative of the incident taking place.

The person who asked not to be identified asked the Regional Review to thank the police for their quick response which resulted in the arrest of the subject who was reportedly caught in the act.

The resident said, “ I was awoken by the sounds of crunching glass and loud jabbing. Out of curiosity, I arose from my bed and peered out my Endicott Street apartment window.” he  added, “To my surprise, I viewed a man attempting to break into an SUV with a crowbar. I immediately called the police who arrived in minutes.”

The resident said, “Boston’s Finest” quickly apprehended the perpetrator, who was  exiting the vehicle he broke into and went on to investigated the area, discovering two other cars that were broken into. Police notified the vehicle owners of the incident.”

The resident noted the hard work of the police and how residents must look out for one another. “This is a tight-knit community and attempts like this affects neighbors and friends and people should report any suspicious incidents to the police.”

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