Connect Historic Boston Initiative Launched

Bike Lanes in North End on Atlantic Avenue & Commercial Street. Both side of the streets.

A Connect Historic Boston Initiative was recently launched by the Boston Transportation Department and the National Park Service are partnering to design pedestrian and bicycle connections between transit hubs at North Station, Aquarium and State Street Stations and the Harbor Islands Pavilion on the Greenway.

Other sites include, Visitor Centers at Faneuil Hall and the Charlestown Navy Yard.

The city has received a $400,000 Federal Transit Administration grant to fund the design project.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said, “The city is committed to creating a safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle connection between two of Boston’s most prominent assets, its public transit system and its historic treasures.”

Today, tourist and residents from communities throughout the state often drive to Boston’s historic sites directly or seek nearby downtown garages.

Well-signed, marked and accessible pedestrian and bicycle paths connecting MBTA stations to key attractions will encourage the use of public transportation.

Recently the North End/Waterfront community had bicycle paths placed on Commercial Street to Hull Street.

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