North End/South End Soccer Event

The North End and South End Soccer players, ages 6 to 10, who played in the NEAA/South End Soccer games on Sunday November 6th.

On Sunday November 6th over 65 children ages 6 to 10 years old from both the NEAA and South End soccer programs got to gether to play 3 fun game sof soccer at Langone Park.  In an effort to get both of these great, growing programs together on the field, John Romano & Caroline Foscato worked together to have a great morning of soccer for the children of both neighborhoods.

Over 200 parents, soccer players and siblings enjoyed a glorious sunny day at Langone park.  For about 3 hours the two leagues played together and the kids had a ball.

This is the beggining of a longer term relationship between the programs stated Romano, Caroline and I will work together over the next several months so that we can do more of this for the kids next fall.  We do a North2South Baseball Classic with Representative Michlewitz each each and the kids and parents really enjoy it, so we thought we would do something for soccer.

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