North End Teens Support Local Soldier

A collection drive of goods and food, along with 55 personalized cards and letters created by the members of the Nazzaro Center Youth Program was recently mailed to North End soldier Ricky Scimeca who is currently serving his country in Afghanistan.

“The response to this endeavor was overwhelming,” Center Director Carl Ameno said.

Two large boxes of trail mix, red bull, linen, shampoo and various other toiletries weighing over 100 pounds were collected.

John Federico, owner of Prince Postale located on Prince Street paid for the entire shipment to Afghanistan.

“John’s effort is a further example of the community supporting our troops, particularly anyone from the neighborhood,” Ameno said.

“Everyone here at the Nazzaro Center and the entire community wishes Ricky Godspeed upon a safe return home and best wishes throughout the upcoming holiday seasons,” Ameno added.

The message from the Center is “We’re all proud of you Ricky”

Olivia Scimeca, Ricky’s mother, who is also proud of her son, expressed her gratitude for the efforts made on behalf of her son and the support for all the troops serving the country.

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