North End/Waterfront Gets Bike Lane

A bike lane is being installed on Commercial Street from Atlantic Avenue to Causeway Street, according to Mayor Thomas Menino’s Boston Bikes.

Sections of the road designated for exclusive use by cyclists will be painted or thermoplastic markings plus signage marking the lanes. Green color or flexible barriers could be added for emphasis. A standard bike lane will be installed on each side of the lane route.

The project is part of a greater project to create a complete network, with accessibility to the Charles River Park path and future bike lanes along the roads of the Greenway.

The City’s number one goal is safety and they plan to embark on a major public education program to make everyone aware of how a bike lane works.

This project does not take away any local parking spaces, according to the plan. The plan will remove one southbound travel lane. Traffic analysis, conducted by the City, shows this will not have any impact on traffic or congestion.

The City is working with Boston Police Department to enforce proper rules of the road.

Work will typically take place from 7am-3pm over a couple of days. To minimize impact on parking, work is often timed with street cleaning days.

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