Boston Police Combating Motor Vehicle Break-ins

Area A-1 Boston Police have mounted a “Leave It and Lose It” brochure campaign in an effort to reduce motor vehicle break-ins.

The brochure is a cautionary reminder advising motorists not to leave vehicles unlocked, do not leave keys in the ignition and do not leave vehicles idling and unattended.

The brochure, which has been distributed in the North End/Waterfront neighborhood, also advises motorists to remove personal property from plain view like cell phones, GPS devices, laptop computers, loose change, luggage, bags and cameras.

Police, at several neighborhood meetings, have indicated there has been a slight increase in motor vehicle break-ins related to residents leaving items in plain sight an easy target for thieves.

Police advise residents to call in any crimes that may occur immediately and to provide as much information as possible.

Each month NEWNC and Boston Police conduct a Public Safety meeting at 6:30pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

Usually District Commander Captain Bernard O’Rourke, Sergeant Thomas Lema and Officer Teddy Boyle are in attendance to update residents on crime statistics over the past 30 days and over the course of the year. They are also available to listen to community concerns and respond to any issues presented at the neighborhood meeting.

NEWNC and Boston Police encourage residents to attend the Public Safety meeting on Thursday, October 6 to learn about the area’s crime statistics and to express opinions.

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