Hanover Street Reprise?

Last Thursday marked the first time in its modern history that the entirety of Newbury Street was shut down to automobile traffic in order to host a fashion-fine automobile extravaganza.

Herb Chambers, the automobile tycoon and fashion maven, showed what he is all about, bringing to the street about 40 of his finest automobiles, a collection without peer in this state.

What we learn from this experience is that others just like it during the warmer months will draw much larger crowds of shoppers, tourists, and interested Boston residents than just about anything else in other Boston neighborhoods.

What about Hanover Street?

It is hard to imagine that with the suspension of automobile traffic on Hanover Street, the street is allowed to come alive.

Yet this is exactly what happened.

Mayor Menino was there. He noted the difference. So, too, did the merchants and everyone else who had a great time on a pleasant evening in the city.

This is the type of event that should be replicated – and soon.

It should be discussed by residents and merchants in the North End – and it should be considered.

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