Picking-up After Dogs Not Occurring in North End

Joe and Freddy Giangregorio are shown with Janet Gilardi of NEWRA Clean Streets Committee.

Inspectional Service Department for the City of Boston Chief Hearing Officer Michael B. Mackan and Tim McCarthy of Public Works attended the NEWRA Clean Streets Committee monthly meeting and presented information and answered questions relating to North End/Waterfront issues like trash and the dog droppings problem that residents felt has gotten out of hand.

Mackan told members that ISD has been out in force checking the illegal placement of trash and writing violations accordingly.

A Committee member told Mackan that there are still a lot of people placing out household trash illegally on many community streets.

Mackan took the information down and said he “would look into these complaints.”

McCarthy reported on the new 15 Big Belly Trash Compactors on Hanover Street which the city feels are working fine.

Residents told McCarthy that people are still placing household trash in them and beside them.

The big topic of the evening was dog issues that residents claim have simply gotten out of hand. Residents claimed there are dog droppings everywhere you walk. Pet owners are not picking-up after man’s best friend. Those who do are throwing the bags on the streets or shoving them into trash receptacles.

McCarthy reminded residents that dog droppings are considered hazardous material and the pet owners are responsible to abide by city ordinances. He suggested the Committee contact Animal Control for the City of Boston and have them attend a committee meeting.

It was suggested that other than enforcement, which is not happening on a regular basis in the community, nothing the city or the committee attempts to implement doesn’t work, especially education which has been attempted many times and has had no real affect.

The Green Cross Pharmacy on Hanover Street has been selected by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association Clean Streets Committee to receive their “Good Neighbor Award” for consistently cleaning the sidewalk and curb in front of their business. The award will be presented to Joe and Freddy Giangregorio by a Clean Streets member.

The next NEWRA Clean Streets Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 16 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street. All residents are welcome to attend.

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