Police Flyer Calls for Less Noise

A first of its kind handout calling for people to be courteous to North End/Waterfront residents by keeping the noise level down when visiting the community, especially late night and early morning hours.

“Boston Police A-1 officers are distributing the flyers encouraging individuals to enjoy the North End and everything it has to offer but to respect local residents by keeping noise to a minimum,” Sergeant Tom Lema told residents at the last Public Safety Committee meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center.

Several months ago, Boston Police undertook a similar distribution of flyers calling for motorcyclists to cut down with the exhaust noise and it has apparently worked as there have been no complaints registered since the police sent out the message.

The handout advises that a city ordinance violation can be given for disturbing the peace or excessive noise which carries a $50 fine and/or police can arrest and/or seek a court complaint for disturbing the peace.

Based on residents consistently registering noise complaints to police and elected officials Boston Police have embarked on a less noise mission in the community.

The last message on the flyer reads: “Be courteous and obey the law by keeping the noise down.”

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