NEAA Majors All Star Game June 25

The North End Athletic Association will conduct its annual Major’s Youth Baseball All Star Game on Saturday, June 25 starting at 7pm at Puopolo Park on Commercial Street.

“The nine inning family event, which showcases all of the talented girls and boys who play in the 9-12 year old league,” NEAA Baseball Commissioner John Romano said.

“The league encourages everyone to come and see these young baseball players, play under the lights,” he added.

The special event will include a BBQ, a raffle for Red Sox tickets (players only) and various awards presented after the game.

Sponsors are needed to pay for the cost of the game, BBQ and wards.

“No amount is too little. About $1,500 is needed to cover the expenses related to presenting an All Star Game of this magnitude,” Romano said.

Checks can be made out to the NEAA and mailed to : NEAA, c/o John Romano, 30 North Bennet Street, Boston, MA 02113.

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