NEAA Major League Opens with Double-header

-By Phil Orlandella

A double-header is scheduled to take place at Langone Field on Commercial Street for the 2011 North End Athletic Association Major League Baseball (Little League) Opening Day.

“The festivities will begin with a free BBQ open to all the players, coaches, families and friends who continuously support the NEAA Baseball Program,” League Commissioner Ralph Martignetti said. “The BBQ starts at 12 noon and will continue until the food and beverage are exhausted.”

A ceremony, in honor of Tony Iudiciani, and the opening of the season will take place at 12:45pm.

Tony was a terrific person and a great athlete who was taken away from the community at the very early age of 19.

Tony participated in the NEAA Minor League, Little League, Pony League and the Softball League. He was very fond of the NEAA and he loved the North End community. He was the brother of former NEAA Little League Co-Commissioner Frank Iudiciani.

The season will officially open with a game between the Regional Review Cubs and the North End Against Drugs Indians.

Cubs coach Dan Shea will have the return of four star players, Fernando Soto, Michael Pittore, Chris Troiano and Colman Shea.

Indians coach Al Vilar whose team made it to the finals last season also has four star players returning, Paul Szulc, Jase Cherchi, Nick Shea and Zach Taieb.

Game two between the St. Agrippina Cardinals and the St. Anthony Red Sox will start at approximately 3:30pm.

Cardinals coach John Pezzuto’s returning stars are Thomas Marchi, J.C. Pezzuto, Andrew Olivio and Ariyand Aminpour.

Red Sox coach Paul Luongo’s returning stars are Ellie Gozigian, Lorenzo Pantaleo, Tim Martin and Anthony Russo.

“Opening Day and honoring a friend should be a great celebration of the League,” Martignetti said. “It will be a fun day for everyone to enjoy, so please try to attend, bring a friend and spread the word,” he added.

The North End’s own Street Magic Accapella will make a special appearance in honor of Iudiciani and the League.

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