Senator Petruccelli’s Gambit

Senator Anthony Petruccelli, who represents the North End, has recently submitted legislation for an expanded gambling bill which would allow for 3 casinos and 1 racino – everything granted by on merit bidding and approved by a racing commission to be formed.

It is the type of bill the governor will sign.

Senator Petruccelli has shown great savvy in writing this bill, which could raise as much as $300 million in one fell swoop for the state and then would create a revenue stream of enormity, though an exact amount is hard to predict.

The bill would also create thousands of jobs and the greatest benefit in all of this – not one taxpayer’s dollar will be used in making this happen.

Our main question is why the House won’t jump on board right now to make this happen?

What kind of persuasion does the House need to sign on to a bill that creates a great new revenue stream and creates jobs?

Senator Petruccelli’s bill is what the governor wants and frankly, it is what the people of Massachusetts want.

More importantly, his bill is what this state needs right now.

Not in six months and not next year.

Right now.

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