Warmer Weather

Now comes the real spring.

Our neighborhood blooms like the flowers, attracting more and more visitors each day as the summer months heavy tourism begins to rise.

Not much has been done to compensate for the huge crush of visitors and traffic about to descend on the North End, and especially on Hanover Street.

The neighborhood powers are about as paralyzed about what to do as the national powers are unwilling and unable to gain a measure of sacrifice from the American people.

And so we continue going broke rather than fix the programs which must be changed if we are going to survive.

In another few weeks, the North End will be packed with throngs of people, and made more crowded by so many automobiles double parked and waiting in long lines of traffic that at times will cause Hanover Street to be impassable.

Another spring is upon us. Nothing has been changed.

We’re all set for the complaints we know will be coming in.

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